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Quarantined Pro-Media Thoughts on Media Bias

Are journalist’s and editors the only people guilty of propagating media bias? A fellow member of Drake’s Stereotyping and Objectification Action Research Lab highlighted the following Wall Street Journal article, “Six Years After #BringBackOurGirls, Freed Chibok Captives Face Fresh Danger”, as a current event worth discussing in our online lab forum recently. A central topic …

Lodging in a castle in Scotland, 2016.

The Small, The Quiet and the Dark: Unwritten Conventions of the Hostel Dorm Room

Hostels are for the small, the quiet, and the dark. This I have concluded based on many a travel-wearied night spent in these establishments. Hostels exist in diverse forms, and occupy many a nook and cranny of the world; a plush, repurposed church amidst the misty Welsh mountains. An eight-floored apartment complex with free make-your-own-pancake-breakfast …

Pookability, and Other Neologistic Shenanigans

Weird Words Worth Inventing Pookability – (n.) the probability that at any given moment in time or point in space, you will see a rabbit. Example: Des Moines, Iowa has a relatively high rabbit population, and therefore maintains high pookability. While I cannot take full credit for the conception of the word (a friend formulated the lexical …