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The SuperImposed State of Physics at Drake University

Among my more interdisciplinary endeavors at Drake consists of an editorship of the Department of Physics and Astronomy semesterly newsletter. I’ve decided to post these, as they showcase not only some of my best physics writing, but also my best graphics and design work.

Quarantined Pro-Media Thoughts on Media Bias

Are journalist’s and editors the only people guilty of propagating media bias? A fellow member of Drake’s Stereotyping and Objectification Action Research Lab highlighted the following Wall Street Journal article, “Six Years After #BringBackOurGirls, Freed Chibok Captives Face Fresh Danger”, as a current event worth discussing in our online lab forum recently. A central topic …

Lodging in a castle in Scotland, 2016.

The Small, The Quiet and the Dark: Unwritten Conventions of the Hostel Dorm Room

Hostels are for the small, the quiet, and the dark. This I have concluded based on many a travel-wearied night spent in these establishments. Hostels exist in diverse forms, and occupy many a nook and cranny of the world; a plush, repurposed church amidst the misty Welsh mountains. An eight-floored apartment complex with free make-your-own-pancake-breakfast …

Pookability, and Other Neologistic Shenanigans

Weird Words Worth Inventing Pookability – (n.) the probability that at any given moment in time or point in space, you will see a rabbit. Example: Des Moines, Iowa has a relatively high rabbit population, and therefore maintains high pookability. While I cannot take full credit for the conception of the word (a friend formulated the lexical …